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The Pudding Club

The Pudding Club®

The Pudding Club’s heartfelt mission since it started in 1985 has been to preserve the Great British Pudding and we think we’ve succeeded in this mission!

Every Friday evening, national and international visitors come to the little Cotswold village to experience this slightly eccentric institution, they like to be able to tell friends that they have taken part in a Pudding Club® meeting and that they’ve stayed in a pudding-themed bedroom too. After all, where else can you sleep surrounded by images of Syrup Sponge or Spotted Dick and Custard?

Guests at Pudding Club® meetings enjoy a whole evening’s entertainment, from a jovial introduction by The Pudding Master at 7.30 pm on Fridays (7pm on Saturdays) through to a light main course followed by the reason guests gather – the Parade of Seven Puddings, with all its noise and ceremony, to the vote for best pudding of the night over coffee. Guests depart at about 10.30/11pm certificates in hand!

Pudding Club® meetings have been likened to many things but a couple of comments have amused us: 'Like making love in a thunderstorm', 'It’s like a medieval banquet with custard', and it has even been described as 'The eighth wonder of the world'. Visitors to a Pudding Club® meeting will understand that the evening is about indulgence, fun and being a bit naughty too, so come prepared!

Sheila Vincent is the Queen of Puddings in Mickleton, she’s world-famous after producing seven amazing puddings with seven gallons of custard every Friday night for so many years! As for the two of us, we’re still passionate about puddings and proud to be upholding such an important part of our Great British culinary tradition, join us and Dig In! for a bit of fun.

Please note Pudding Club can only be booked by calling the hotel direct on 01386 438429

The Pudding Club®

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